2001 upgraded turbos (was: [Biturbos4] SHO Fans)

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Dec 30 17:52:23 EST 2003

Chuck Etris writes:
> Regarding the upgraded turbos on the S4 - I was told by someone who appeared
> to be quite knowledgeable over on the vwvortex.com forum that ALL 2001 S4's
> got the upgraded turbos with the larger oil passages or hoses or whatever.
> There is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding the difference
> between the 2000/2001/2001.5 models.  One theory is the badge; if you have
> the later badge then you have all of the upgrades and if you have the early
> badge you have none.  Another theory is the badge was merely a running
> change, i.e. - when they ran out of the old badge they started putting on
> the new badges, and it isn't necessarily tied directly to any turbo or hose
> upgrades or f-hose removal, etc.  Whatever.  I think the key thing is not
> romping on them before they are warmed up, proper cool down, and high
> quality synthetic oil replaced at reasonable intervals.

I was told that if your S4's ECU has the "M" suffix in its part number
then you have the new upgraded turbos.  You can of course open the
box to look, but VAG-COM also shows that info.  My S4 does show an
M suffix, and has new style badges, but it's a 2001 with a 10/00 build
date, so I think I got the very first batch of the new turbos.  I hope
I'm really that "lucky" :)

So far, no problems with the engine or turbos whatsoever (knock on wood).

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