2001 upgraded turbos (was: [Biturbos4] SHO Fans)

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Dec 30 18:15:11 EST 2003

robert weinberg writes:
> the S4 motor has the k03 turbos, right? an upgraded
> turbo is a k04, right?

No, the upgraded turbo is still K03, just somewhat bigger oil lines.

> with that said, anybody see the round up for the
> ultimate streetcar challenge in sportcompact car?
> you guys are famous! they have a 440 wheel HP S4 as
> one of the contestants.

The latest European Car mag also has an S4 tuner cars shootout,
it's an entertaining read.

> ofcourse, the little S4 is going up against a
> supercharged viper, single turbo supras, BMW V12
> powered ultima GTR, usual DSM rice rockets, etc.

Not unusual for turbo Audis :).

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