[Biturbos4] need advice - interested in 2000 A6 2.7T

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Dec 30 22:23:45 EST 2003

>> I've had the usual hesitation after cold start (improved, but never

I'm still working on getting the exact recoding values that fix this, guys
.... stay tuned. :)

- Keman

>> solved), a blown diverter valve, a vacuum leak, but nothing to strand
>> me through 36,000 miles (unlike the SHO's intermittant cam position
>> sensor which had me coasting to the shoulder more than once). I
>> chipped it back at 30K. Found an APR on ebay for about $700, spent
>> 15 minutes with an 8mm wrench, and never looked back. It's WAY too
>> easy with these cars. Yes, I'm scared of abusing the turbos since
>> mine is a 10/00 build, supposedly a month before they enlarged the
>> oil passages, but I take it real easy till the oil warms, use Mobil
>> 1, and don't hammer it ALL the time (unless I 'm provoked by a BMW,
>> FireChicken, RiceRocket, SUV, you know). Guess my rating is 99%
>> Total Joy.
>> David
>> 01 laser red avant 6-spd

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