[Biturbos4] 40K Service

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Dec 30 22:28:46 EST 2003

The dealership I work for dragged this ugly issue out into the light again
last week, on the question of.. what to fill the new V8 S4 with. We're just
now starting to service them.

If you thought the biturbo engine was something Audi was careful with, it's
a mid 80's mercedes diesel in comparison to that V8. Audi _really_ wants
synthetic in it ... but they always wanted it in the biturbo. As usual, AoA
doesn't want to pay the dealerships for it, so the dealers don't want to put
it in, but... tweet tweet. That might not be true for much longer. If that
dam gets broken down I'm hoping the biturbos get it too...

- Keman

ken kgrant wrote:
>> yes, it is.  10, 20, 30, 40, and 50k are covered by
>> maintenance contract.  however, i would recommend that
>> you pay that extra for syntetic otherwise they'd fill
>> it up with dino-oil.  not recommended for the turbos.
>> btw, i use mobil 0w-30 or 0w-40 synthetic in mine.
>> and i change my oil every 5k miles.
>> ken

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