[BiturboS4] altitude and boost (was ice racing)

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Mon Feb 3 15:02:12 EST 2003

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David, sounds like a lot of fun. Reminds me of the days when I would do
doughnuts in the parking lot after ice-hockey games in high school (I lived in
Chicago at the time).

Keep in mind, though, that not all Californians are limited to sunshine and
dry pavement. Many of us here in San Francisco drive 3 hours away to Lake
Tahoe in the Sierra Nevadas for some skiing/snowboarding on the weekends - so
we get a bit of snow driving :).

Speaking of which, it was interesting to watch my boost gauge behave
differently when I last drove to Tahoe (first time with boost gauge).  At
6,500 feet, the idling vacuum is different....and the boost is summoned much
sooner!  Anyone else live at altitude?  How does this affect chipped turbos?
More wear?
Carter Fields, San Francisco
2001.5, GIAC-X, Miltek 3" cat-back, Strat. shifter, Strat. DVs, A-pillar boost
>From: David Lau
>To: Audi S4 group
>Subject: [BiturboS4] ice racing
>Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 19:32:42 -0500
>You guys from CA try THIS:
>What do you do in Michigan in February? Ice racing! Basically, solo
>auto-x, in our case, on Saginaw Bay. I did it to practice driving on
>slippery surfaces, and learn how the car behaves. Mission
>Learned what the car does at speed on snow and ice (pretty neutral)
>Learned what all-season tires can do (not much good on ice)
>Learned what ESP does (very effective in keeping the car going
>straight on any surface, but KILLS the throttle)
>Watched what experience and studded tires can do (it's scary)
>Met some nice people and had a heck of a good time.
>There were 4 Audis there, among about 20 cars: A4, an AllRoad, and a
>nicely lowered older S4, and my Avant. And except for the Mitsubishi
>who's studded tire unmounted itself at speed, we all survived
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