[BiturboS4] Wheels, tires?

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
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The TireRack site (tirerack.com) is very good.  Many of the Sanders site examples involve modified suspensions, rolled fenders, etc.  The TireRack site will tell you what fits the stock car without additional mods.  This includes some 18 and even 19 inch wheels up to as much as 8.5" wide if I recall correctly.

John M. Harrison  Laramie, Wyoming  2001 S4 Avant Silver
stock size 17x7.5 Mille Miglia Spider wheels with Dunlop Wintersport tires from TireRack
Decent snow tires and very good on dry pavement as well.  The tires came to my door via UPS ground mounted and perfectly balanced on the wheels - ready to bolt on and go.  Easiest and most satisfactory tire related transaction I have ever experienced.  Highly recommended.

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Go to http://www.sanders-stuff.com/Cars/S4_Wheels/s4_wheels.html and you
will see many popular options. Best fit seems to be 7.5" width with a 35mm
offset and 225 tires. Best looking seems to be either 8" or 8.5" wheels
although you may have rubbing problems if lowered. Some use up to 255 tires.

John Kjos

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> Hi all,
> Just picked up a 2001 S4, sweet car!  I have a few questions...
> I noticed that the stock tires (225/45 17) are really close to the inner
> suspension.  Has anyone run wider tires on the stock wheels?  What's a
> good aftermarket wheel size/offset to go with for best looks and widest
> tires?
> Thanks!
> v2
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