[BiturboS4] Wheels, tires?

Adam Schwartz adamschwartz at rcn.com
Fri Feb 7 10:45:20 EST 2003

I too have  235/45 17's. also Michelin Pilot Sport. I run then on my
extra set of wheels, but the offset is the same as the stock wheels.
My extra set of wheels are from a 2002 A4 Sport package. They look
pretty sweet, I think. And no problems. The 235's seem just fine.


>I squeezed 235/45 17's in a Michelin Pilot Sport all-season on the stock
>wheels, but you can barely get a credit card between the sidewall and the
>suspension member. I was told they run narrow, and I was really tired of
>curb rash, so I was motivated. I've had no problems, running highway, snow,
>ice racing, so far.
>>  Subject: [BiturboS4] Wheels, tires?
>>  Hi all,
>>  Just picked up a 2001 S4, sweet car!  I have a few questions...
>>  I noticed that the stock tires (225/45 17) are really close to the inner
>>  suspension.  Has anyone run wider tires on the stock wheels?  What's a
>>  good aftermarket wheel size/offset to go with for best looks and widest
>>  tires?
>>  Thanks!
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