[BiturboS4] Track Time

Step88 step88 at kc.rr.com
Sat Feb 8 18:18:25 EST 2003

Thanks, Ian, thats what I was afraid of.  Any particular pads that are
recommended?  Also, what options do I have with the rotors?  I notice that
Stratmosphere has a Stoptech kit for the fronts which include rotors and
calipers, but I'm not too keen on spending $2,000 just for a few track

Thanks again,


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> On Feb 8, 2003 "Step88" wrote:
> > I'm the new owner of an S4, and I can't wait to get it out on the
> > track.  Can anyone tell me how the stock brake pads hold up to such
> > events?  I don't try to wring every last tenth of a second out of
> > the car, but the pads need to hold up to 20 to 30 minute sessions of
> > spirited driving at 9/10's or so.
> My experience is that they don't.  The stock pads overheat, fade, and
> disintegrate, the stock rotors overheat and warp.
> --Ian

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