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Mon Feb 10 03:02:40 EST 2003

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The same thing happened to me in DC in mid January.  I was going down a hill
and turning left at under 10 MPH and slid into a curb perpendicularly.  A
short while later I noticed the car was pulling right pretty bad, so I
arranged to take the car to Tischer Audi (Rockevill Porsche Audi didnt have
any appointments available before i had to come back to school...)  When they
checked the alignment, they said that the control arms were bent, and that
the car was risky to drive.  Cost of a ne control arm: $1100.  They also
reccomended buying a new wheel (mine is scratched from the impact) for $600(I
bet just so that they could repair it for $100 and sell it for $200 or more)
Since I paid with my insurance, I got the new wheel, and a new tire, all for
about $2000 including the control arm-not cheap.

On a related note, I asked them if they could aim my headlights a bit higher
as I thought they were a bit low.  When i got back in my car I noticed that
one light projected about 15 feet in front of my car befor ehte beam cut off,
and the other one a bit farther, maybe 20-25 feet.  I brought it back
immediately to tell them, and the tech looked at it and told me the headlight
adjuster screws were stripped(I wonder how that happened!) and that there
wasnt anythign they could do(it was 7PM and I wanted the car) and they would
fix it another time.  Very Frustrating.

Other than that, the car is great (as the pontiac trans am driver with custom
exhaust found out a few stoplights later!)

Matthew Ribe
Amherst College '06
2001 imola yellow avant, stock except for tints and DIY clear corners.

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