[BiturboS4] Headlight aiming (was: Stiff steering)

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Feb 10 00:16:49 EST 2003

Foobar88 at aol.com writes:
> On a related note, I asked them if they could aim my headlights a bit higher
> as I thought they were a bit low.  When i got back in my car I noticed that
> one light projected about 15 feet in front of my car befor ehte beam cut off,
> and the other one a bit farther, maybe 20-25 feet.

Without having seen your actual headlight beam pattern I couldn't say
if it's misaimed, but the passenger side beam is supposed to reach
farther out than the driver's side.  If you park in front of a wall
and turn on your headlights, you should note that the HID beam cutoff has
a "stepped" pattern where it's highest on the passenger side and lowest
on the driver's side.  This is to help reduce glare toward oncoming

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