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Erv Schweiger Erv_Schweiger at CoCreate.com
Mon Feb 10 11:19:19 EST 2003

I've got one track event on a set of slotted Alcon front rotors with
Carbotechs all around, and so far so good.  Stopping power during the winter
has been fine, they don't seem to require any more pedal pressure, although
they do squeal like pigs...

I warped three of sets of stock rotors in less than two years - one at my
first track event in the car, the second to a Chicago winter, and then the
third at another track event.   I figured I was pushing my luck going back
to the dealer again two weeks after the last replacement - and seeing how it
was my fault anyway...

Working with the guys at MotoPersona here in the Chicago area, we bought the
Alcons through Stasis Engineering (~$900).  The big benefit to these is that
they fit with the standard calipers.

So far they've worked great on the track - I was getting a bit of brake fade
on the last run of the weekend at Gingerman last fall, so probably time to
upgrade the fluid.  I'm planning on doing 2-3 more events in 2003, so we'll
see how they hold out.

All in all though, a fairly reasonable solution to the dreaded brake warping
problem - the dealer quoted ~$900 for replacing the stock rotors, so not
much more $$$.

Erv Schweiger

2001 S4 - Silver of course...

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> Group,
> I'm the new owner of an S4, and I can't wait to get it out on
> the track.  Can anyone tell me how the stock brake pads hold
> up to such events?  I don't try to wring every last tenth of
> a second out of the car, but the pads need to hold up to 20
> to 30 minute sessions of spirited driving at 9/10's or so.
> Also, any suggestions on mounting a lap belt?  It doesn't
> look like I can expose the anchor points for the stock belt
> without taking stuff apart.  I would still plan on using the
> stock belts so I don't want to remove them, but I like being
> able to tighten the additional lap belt to keep me from
> sliding around.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Bob Stephenson
> 2000 S4
> 6-speed
> Stock
> Laser Red
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