[BiturboS4] Tip Tripin / squeeling HELP?

v2 v2 at virtuanet.com
Mon Feb 10 22:29:57 EST 2003


My Tip trans is not cooperating lately.  When I come to a complete stop,
say at a stop sign, then take off again fairly quickly, with 30%
throttle or so, there's a delay...  Then a sudden kick, like the
tranny's not engaging on time.  Anyone experience this?

On a separate note, at times when cruising in 3rd or 4th gear, I stomp
on it, boost builds, and I hear a high pitch squeeling coming from the
engine compartment (seems to be the same frequency, doesn't change with
higher RPMs)...  I took it in to the dealer and they couldn't hear it
and said not to worry, go figure...  Hmmm...  Turbo's goin out??

'01 S4 Tiptronic

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