[BiturboS4] Mod friendly dealer.

cox alapointe1 at cox.net
Tue Feb 11 22:20:29 EST 2003

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I live in northern Connecticut and used to frequent Hoffman Audi in East Ha=
rtford, but gave up on them due to repeated mistakes (including not putting=
 enough oil in crankcase during routine maintenance).  I now use Fathers an=
d Sons in West Springfield, Ma.  Much better experience there, although the=
ir reputation is somewhat sketchy, my experiences have been very positive s=
o far.  Anyway, getting to the subject line, I was discussing mods with the=
 service rep who told me that they have no problem with honoring warrantys =
when mods are present with the obvious disclaimer that the mod could not di=
rectly have caused the failure, BUT she did say that the only turbo failure=
 they've done on an s4 was on a chipped car and they honored the warranty a=
nd replaced the turbos.  Now of course I'm sure there's a catch... like the=
y do in fact do mods to the vehicles there, like they will install an MTM c=
hip for you, or anything else your heart desires for a price of course, but=
 to boot, they will guarantee the work...  of course, if any of you are con=
sidering such things, check it out for yourself to get the details, but see=
ms like a pretty good deal to me with respect to the warranty. (no, I don't=
 have any affiliation with the dealership).
Aaron LaPointe
'01 Nogaro Blue S4

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