[BiturboS4] Diverter upgrade

Adam Schwartz adamschwartz at rcn.com
Thu Feb 13 22:47:07 EST 2003

Hello all,
Just thought you all might be interested in my latest upgrade, and
how I got it. My car is a 2000 S4, with an APR chip... Also of
interest (you will see why latter) my clutch is still slipping a
little. Will do that in a few months when it gets a little worse...


I convinced my shop that they should change my DV's and that they
should use my after market warranty as much as possible. No problem
they said... I wanted to go with the Bosch 100 sport DV. I have heard
good things, and it was close enough to the real thing, that I
figured my warranty wouldnt know the diff. they didnt... They paid,
and now I have 2 new Bosche 100 sports... sorta for free.

Definitely better. Turbo seems to spool up faster, or at least I feel
the power faster. The car seems more responsive, more snappy.  A
friend was in the car today and he said.. WOW.. that almost feels
like the difference between the APR and the GIAC Xchip..  Dunno about
that.. but it was an interesting response.

These DV's are $50 a piece, vs $150 for some of the others out there.
The DV;s that were replaced were the original Audi part ending in
108. Very happy now.

One odd, or rather unexpected thing is that now my clutch slips more!
I assume this means that these new DVs are holding the boost pressure
better? There is definitely more power going to the clutch.

I do plan on using the RS4 clutch when I do the change, probably in the summer.

Thanks all..


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