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It cost me $170 to have my exhisting flywheel lightened on my Urq. Afterwar=
d it was 11lbs lighter, remember that is rotating weight. So the impact of =
that weight is magnified as RPM's increase.
The lightned flywheel will allow the engine to rev up and down more freely.=
 Some people have noted on turbo cars this helps with turbo spool up partic=
ularly between shifts.
The  only downside if is that if you remove too much mass the car can be ha=
rder to drive (less daily driver). The clutch will be more sensitive to sta=
lling the motor  if use are sloppy about clutching and throttle combination=
s=2E Between shifts revs will come crashuing down faster, thus making for a=
 more jerky ride.
I did not notice too much of this at all on my Urq.  But that is a much lig=
hter car..

 adamschwartz at rcn.com wrote:There is a lightened flywheel from AWE, but I t=
hink its
another $800. I figure for street driving its not really
worth it. Please tell me if I am wrong!!! Maybe it makes a
huge diff


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>What about lightening the flywheel, has anyone done that
when replacing the clutch in there S4?
>I know this is a pretty common task when replacing the
clutch. It improves reving and decels. I did it in my Urq and
shaved 11lbs of rotating weight.
>Mike Benno
> adamschwartz at rcn.com wrote:Hi Eric,
>So with your RS4 clutch. Did you also use the RS4 pressure
>plate? Where did you get them from? I have seen AWE sells the
>kit, but I was wondering about just ordering the needed part
>numbers from Claire Audi. They are usually pretty cheap, but
>my fear is that there could be parts needed to adapt the RS4
>clutch/pressure plate to my flywheel. I do not plan on
>replacing my flywheel.. Unless I have to. I have also HEARD
>that the RS4 Clutch disk is actually the same.. its the
>pressure plate that makes the difference. ideas?
>>Funny you should mention the clutch slipping.
>>I made similar improvements on my 2000 S4 (APR chip and
>>Diverters) and my clutch started slipping under power. My
>car has 50,000
>>miles on it and I'm pretty easy on the clutch, so I couldn't
>believe that I
>>didn't get more miles out of it.
>>When we pulled the old clutch, my suspicion was confirmed.
>It still had
>>lots of life left in it, it just could not keep a grip with
>the new chip and
>>I replaced the stock clutch with an RS4 clutch and it's
>>So now that I have the RS4 clutch, it would be a shame to
>waste all that
>>clamping power!
>>Any recommendations on dual exhaust systems??? K04's????
>>Eric Aasness
>>2000 S4, apr chip, stratmosphere diverters, stratmosphere
>short shifter, S8
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>>> Subject: [BiturboS4] Diverter upgrade
>>> Hello all,
>>> Just thought you all might be interested in my latest
>upgrade, and
>>> how I got it. My car is a 2000 S4, with an APR chip...
>Also of
>>> interest (you will see why latter) my clutch is still
>slipping a
>>> little. Will do that in a few months when it gets a little
>>> Anyhow
>>> I convinced my shop that they should change my DV's and
>that they
>>> should use my after market warranty as much as possible.
>No problem
>>> they said... I wanted to go with the Bosch 100 sport DV. I
>have heard
>>> good things, and it was close enough to the real thing,
>that I
>>> figured my warranty wouldnt know the diff. they didnt...
>They paid,
>>> and now I have 2 new Bosche 100 sports... sorta for free.
>>> Definitely better. Turbo seems to spool up faster, or at
>least I feel
>>> the power faster. The car seems more responsive, more
>snappy. A
>>> friend was in the car today and he said.. WOW.. that
>almost feels
>>> like the difference between the APR and the GIAC Xchip..
>Dunno about
>>> that.. but it was an interesting response.
>>> These DV's are $50 a piece, vs $150 for some of the others
>out there.
>>> The DV;s that were replaced were the original Audi part
>ending in
>>> 108. Very happy now.
>>> One odd, or rather unexpected thing is that now my clutch
>slips more!
>>> I assume this means that these new DVs are holding the
>boost pressure
>>> better? There is definitely more power going to the
>>> I do plan on using the RS4 clutch when I do the change,
>probably in the
>>> Thanks all..
>>> Adam
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