[BiturboS4] FW: Bad Turdbos

Brock Campbell brock at omnispine.com
Mon Feb 17 16:14:36 EST 2003

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Well, My turdbos have been making a picular whine for a few months now
and today, on my way to New dimensions to buy a short shift kit, I was
getting sporty with another S4 and  lost power. I pulled over to check
things out with the Vag Com and had no fault codes, never leave home
without it. The question is, what measuring blocks are the turbos under.
I made and appt to bring the S4 into New Dimensions for the APR stage
III kit tomorrow.

Brock Campbell
S4 Avant Blowen Turdbos
APR chip,exhaust,Bi-pipe, Forged BV, H&R, Koni adjustable Struts
Soon Stage III Ye-Haw


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