Fwd: [BiturboS4] MTM Y-hose versus APR bi-pipe

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Wed Feb 19 18:16:21 EST 2003

Hey Carter,
I have been thinking about the APR bi-pipe too.

I think you are mistaken about the APR bi-pipe. My
understanding is that it does replace the TBB with one piece
cast aluminium. The replacement for the TBB is integrated
into the down pipes (not really the correct name, not sure
what they are actually called) Where as the MTM solution is
just a heavy duty TBB replacement.

Maybe if somene has it installed they could take some
pictures. I didnt see any pics on the APR site.



(trim) <- :-)

>Can someone explain to me the reasons why someone would
purchase the APR
>bi-pipe versus purchasing the MTM Y-hose (throttle body
boot)?  I would like
>to take care of the TBB leak problem before it happens.  I
see a lot of APR
>bi-pipe owners but I don't see how the bi-pipe will prevent
tearing in the TBB
>because the stock TBB remains even after a bi-pipe upgrade.
Wouldn't an MTM
>Y-hose upgrade be the more logical thing to do?

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