[BiturboS4] S4 windshield same as A4?

Aurangzeb M. Agha aagha at bigfoot.com
Tue Feb 25 03:12:07 EST 2003

I've got a growing crack in my windshield due to a rock while on a
mountain-road trip.

I'm about to bring my S4 back to the US from Europe, and was wondering if
I should have the glass replaced here or back in the US.

I found out I can do the replacement here, but they'll take the glass for
an Audi A4.  My questions is: Is that alright?  The cost is around 300

I had my father call around in Boston, and he got quotes ranging from $500
to $750.  The high-end guy said:

"make sure they take the COWL off - and use hi modulus urethane - they
probably don't do either, which makes the car unsafe!"

What is he talking about, and is that just sales talk to get me to pay

	Thx in Advance,

'01 S4 Silver (in Europe)

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