[BiturboS4] S4 windshield same as A4?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Feb 26 01:34:21 EST 2003

Aurangzeb M. Agha writes:
> Thx for the note Ti kan.
> After some further research, I found the following:
> http://forums.audiworld.com/s4/msgs/313172.phtml and
> Seems as if the S4 with Premium Pkg (which I have), has a different
> windshield.  Does that sound right?

I guess so.  Something to keep in mind.  Cars with auto-dimming
mirrors have a slightly different windshield than those without.
So make sure the replacement is the right version.  The part number
I quoted in my post is for the non auto-dimming mirror version.

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