[BiturboS4] S4 windshield same as A4?

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Going with an Audi dealer is not necessarily a good thing.  I tried to give the
work to my dealer and they refused to co-operate with the insurance people.
And were rude to them to boot (I was on the line while they did it!)

I took it to a general purpose glass shop (Banner Glass in Rockville, MD).
They used OEM glass and did a great job.
> Echo Ti's comments.  You should have it done by an authorized Audi
> dealer.  Many installers don't use the correct adhesives and do not
> achieve a good structural bond which is important.  I will never again
> have a windshield replaced by people who try to do it in the field out
> of doors or even a general purpose glass shop.  We had one replaced
> outside on our 89 Acura and the thing creaks as the car moves indicating
> to me that a good bond was not achieved.  In the future I will go to the
> factory authorized car dealer for windshields on any of my newer
> vehicles.  I'll have to pay an authorized Acura dealer to fix that one
> and it will probably require a whole new windshield to get it right.  Be
> careful out there.
> John M. Harrison  2001 S4 Avant  johnmh at uwyo.edu
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> Aurangzeb M. Agha writes:
> > I've got a growing crack in my windshield due to a rock while on a
> > mountain-road trip.
> >
> > I'm about to bring my S4 back to the US from Europe, and was wondering
> if
> > I should have the glass replaced here or back in the US.
> >
> > I found out I can do the replacement here, but they'll take the glass
> for
> > an Audi A4.  My questions is: Is that alright?  The cost is around 300
> > Euro.
> >
> > I had my father call around in Boston, and he got quotes ranging from
> $500
> > to $750.  The high-end guy said:
> >
> > "make sure they take the COWL off - and use hi modulus urethane - they
> > probably don't do either, which makes the car unsafe!"
> >
> > What is he talking about, and is that just sales talk to get me to pay
> > more?
> The glass is the same as an A4 (part # 8D0 845 099 AC).  It is bonded to
> the body and becomes a part of the structure of the roof, so it is
> important that the replacement is installed properly.  I haven't priced
> a

> replacement so I don't know what it should cost, but insurance should
> cover
> windshields, many at reduced deductibles.
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