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In my experience, Discount Tire will match TireRack's (or
DiscountTireDirect's) prices. Plus, I believe you get a break on mount &
balance, which helps.

I've had both of the tires you mention below, I think they're both great --
you really can't go wrong.

Some pros/cons

+ great dry & wet grip, wider than most 225s (nice look, plus better rim
protection); better turn-in than the Pilots
- noisier than the pilots; tramline like crazy (follow grooves in the road);
harsher ride than the Pilots; very heavy tire (one of the heaviest), must be
at least 5lbs heavier than the Pilot.

+ great straight-line tracking, good dry & wet grip (not as good as the
S03s); better ride; quieter; significantly lighter
- pretty narrow for a 225 (again, just a looks issue); slightly softer
sidewall means turn-in is a bit softer

Treadwear seems pretty comparable.


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24K miles on my original Pirelli P6000 tires, 2001 S4. A pothole killed
one of them, and I am shopping for a new set. They were due for
replacement soon anyway.

I do mostly around town driving, with an occasional autocross thrown in
for fun.

Tires I am considering in 225/45-17:

Bridgestone S-03 Pole Position: $216 @ discount tire

Michelin Pilot Sport: $256 @ discount tire

What else should I look at? I am looking for the best handling, tread life
is not too important, 20K miles is OK.

Of course tirerack.com is cheaper, but I'm not sure how I would get them



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