[BiturboS4] Tire time

Mitchell Leben mitch at leben.com
Thu Feb 27 16:49:24 EST 2003

The best Discount Tire will do is $200 per tire (down from $216), compared
to $162 at TireRack. I should brush up on my negotiating skills.

Thanks for all the replies. I have decided on the S-03s.


On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Steven Lin wrote:

> Ian McCloghrie writes:
> > Why pay a pricematch + $19?  You'll wind up paying local sales tax on
> > top of that, and shipping is more like $8/tire (at least it is to
> > California -- that may vary depending upon where you live).  So, $162
> > + $8 from tire rack, or $162 + $19 + $15 or so in sales tax from a
> > local store.
> Yeah, I didn't think to ask them to waive the extra charge.  Also, I
> didn't want to contemplate packing 4 tires into the car.
> I suppose TireRack can drop-ship directly to the store, but I didn't
> look into it and I wanted to get the tires right away.  The old ones
> had worn all the way down to the cords and I was really worried about
> a blowout.

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