[BiturboS4] rust on stock rotors

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Thu Jan 2 06:15:09 EST 2003

> DO NOT use the brake dust removal spray on your rotors.  I used to clean
> my wheels by spraying the stuff directly ontot he wheels, and I was
> happy. Happy, that is, untill my I took the car in for service, (this
> was my volvo 850 turbo), complaining of warped rotors.  The service
> advisor noticed how clean my car was and asked me if I used the spray to
> clean my wheels.  I told him that I did, and he told me that the stuff
> sticks to the rotors and then heats up like a glue while you are
> driving, and warps the rotors...  So now i spray the stuff onto a rag
> first and then wipre the wheels with it, so as to keep it off the
> rotors.


Thanks for sharing your experience.  What product do you use to clean your
wheels?  Do the instructions say to spray directly on the tires/rims?


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