[BiturboS4] Repairing a high-speed rated tire.

David goodson at menta.net
Thu Jan 2 22:37:56 EST 2003

My tires are Goodyear Eagle F1 225/45-17
I had recently, when I was traveling in France, my second tire puncture
since I've got my S4. The first time it happened in Spain, I brought the car
to a regular "near-the-corner" workshop, and they told me they had to take
out the tire from the wheel to fix it from the inside, because it was a
high-speed rated tire. They did it, and no problem since then.
In France, last week, for my second puncture (it was not the same tire) they
told me that it couldn't be fixed even this way. It was too risky with that
kind of tires, they said, and told me that maybe it could be repaired using
a special method, but not in the regular way (they didn't even look at the
dead tire, just the speed-rating).
So, what is the way to fix this tire, and who's right ?
I guess I don't have to buy a brand new set of tires every time I got a

David.  1999 S4 Avant Abt - Barcelona - Spain.

BTW : Happy New Year !

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