[BiturboS4] Service Alert !!!! (Update)

jy jysap at cs.com
Fri Jan 3 01:52:33 EST 2003

To The List:

Received my beloved S4 back from my Audi dealer's service dept yesterday.
They replaced the cam shaft adjusters and  seals. They also replaced the
valve cover gasket and "loosened and fastened the lock carrier" (??? the
last one beats the hell out of me but it supposedly took 1 hr - go figure -
didn't cost me a dime - so who cares!)

My seat of the pants analysis:

The engine seems tighter and appears to be smoother on the power curve. (is
this a placebo effect or is my compression now back to where it should have

No longer smell the sweet pungent smell of DINO "EARL" thru my air vents
when the heater is on, or when I open the window and the engine is running.

Next up for this "puppy" - a GIAC chip (engine and Tip) when the warranty
period expires (currently @ 49k mi).

00 S4 Imola ("Wimpy Tip and Luvin it")
86 951 Porsche(5 spd - chipped - willin' 2 take on S4s)

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