[BiturboS4] Wheel Advice

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Fri Jan 3 19:05:56 EST 2003

Ian & Group,

Good idea. I will take a plastic centering ring (from my Oettingers) down to
my local machine shop and see what he will charge to make me 4 of them. I'll
have him tightly fit the ring so it won't fall out when changing a wheel. My
non-winter wheels are in the garage right now so the timing is perfect.
Thanks for the idea.

John Kjos

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> On Jan 2, 2003 "Kjos'" wrote:
> > Centering Rings: They work fine but can get lost. The plastic ones (most
> > wheel companies use these) are the most likely to get misplaced as there
> > no way to bolt or screw them on to the wheel. I guess you could glue
them to
> Plastic centering rings have another disadvantage -- if you run them
> at the track and get the brakes nice and hot, you can melt the
> plastic rings.  Get aluminum ones.
> --Ian

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