[BiturboS4] RE: Second Battery....What the HELL is the "NJ mod" ????

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Mon Jan 6 01:26:53 EST 2003

Erik (and the List),

Like I mentioned in my previous post on this subject - report the dead
battery scenario to your servicing dealer - which it appears that u did -
and if this situation occurs after your warranty expires - SCREAM LIKE HELL
and remind them that this situation occurred during the warranty period and
your Audi dealer gave your car a clean bill of health.

This way, u have Audi on the hook - like i said be4 - i WILL NOT pay a dime
for problems that I have reported during the warranty period and re-occur
after my warranty expires. I have put my Audi dealer on notice.

In my mind - it's a MANUFACTURING DEFECT and Audi needs to service this

Personally, I have had horror stories with BMW (I previously owned a 1997 M3
sedan) and Volvo (I owned a 1996 850R be4 my  97 M3 and 00 S4). Quite
frankly, Audi service has been the best "hands down" and Volvo was the
WORST. So, I have NO personal bias against Audi or their dealers - i just do
not want to have continual and annoying problems with a $42k car (I have all
the options except the phone).

My additional .$02 (which now makes it $.04).

00 S4 Imola (with a so-called "wimpy" Tip)
86 951 (5 spd - chipped)

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> Folks,
> My car was a victim of the infamous "New Jersey mod" while on business in
> New Jersey. (If you're reading this mailing group you little punks - you
> left latents all over the trunk emptying out my stuff!)
> My S4 needs to be run every 3 days or the battery drains. No lights on,
> nothing else. My dealer checked the car out and gave it a clean bill of
> health. Battery was fine after running. I'm thinking I will disconnect the
> battery and moved my battery kit to the Audi from my older non-running
> bimmer. I'm not getting stuck in a storm again with a brand new car and
> battery.
> Audi service wouldn't investigate very far. They simply blamed the NJ mod
> and "damage" from the break in. Just like my rotors were "warped and blued
> from excessive hard driving". :)
> Did I mention that service advisor was fired?
> Have a good weekend.
> Erik
> '01 S4 stock
> '87 325is stg 3
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