[BiturboS4] Best of the Best: Update!

Brian at TouchTech Systems brian at touchtechsystems.com
Mon Jan 6 16:15:56 EST 2003

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Due to lack of committed entries I am going to dissolve this event.

But wait...

many of you have expressed great interest in getting together to compete.
So I am open to organizing a night or two to get fellow Audi owners to
compete against one another to determine the Best of the Best. If there are
10(+) Audi owners that are interested in this, than I will contact Sykart to
set this up. I can also arrange to have Pizza and beverages catered to
Sykart the night or nights that are chosen.

If you are interested, please contact me as I will keep a log of who is in
on this.

Thanks, and I¹ll talk to you soon,
Brian Presser '01 S4
Audis Northwest Club Activities Director

TouchTech Systems, Inc.
Multimedia Specialists &
Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller
425-227-5310 ph.
425-227-5311 fax
brian at touchtechsystems.com


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