[BiturboS4] Pre-wired phone

Marc A. Abernethy mabernethy at lotteryusa.com
Tue Jan 7 21:54:15 EST 2003

I had the phone installed in my car at the time I purchased it.  Now I
live in a different state and no one offers new analog service.  So I
have found someone who wants it.  But my dealer, different than the
dealer that installed it, does not know how to remove it.  At first they
looked around for the module and could not find it.  They actually told
me that just the handset was all you needed.  I had a hard time not
laughing on the phone.  Then I made a phone call to another dealer and
found it is located in the trunk by the CD changer.  I called them back
and they were still unable to get it out.  Fed up I just said forget it.

Does anyone know where it is and how difficult it is to get out?  I do
not have the Bentley CD-ROM.  Does anyone know if the phone installation
is on the Bentley CD?

At first I was complete flabbergasted at the complete incompetence then
they replaced my brakes and rotors under warranty.  Although, this does
make me very nervous.

'01 S4

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