[BiturboS4] Question re: 0W30 vs 5W50, both synthetic

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Thu Jan 9 11:19:55 EST 2003

I've been using Amsoil 0-30 synth changed at about 5000 mi intervals.
It meets the API SJ specification.  Oil temp never reaches the middle of
the gage, whatever temp that is.  The car has not used any oil that I
can detect.  Which reminds me I need to order up some more as 20,000 mi
approaches.  Visit the Amsoil site for the full specs at
www.amsoil.com/products/tso.html  John H.

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I've been hearing bad things about the new (trisyn? supersyn?) Mobil1
in particular. In fact, Mercedes has just released a bulletin stating
it's not approved for use in their cars.

IIRC there's a simple way to check whether it's OK for our cars. Be sure
meets all of the specifications (not just weight) in our owners manual.
believe it's the SJ spec that the new Mobil1 doesn't meet.

I'll dig up the article when I get a chance.

Note that I'm using this oil at the moment, and have noted that I'm
significantly higher temperatures (~20deg) and am consuming more oil.

The oil everyone seems to be recommending at the moment, if you can find
is Mobil1 0w40, as it's still a "true" synthetic & meets all euro spec.
What's happening with their other oils is that they are starting to
w/Dino to decrease costs. Yes, you can no longer trust that Mobil1 is a
synthetic oil.


>From: "John M. Harrison" <JohnMH at uwyo.edu>
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>Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 10:11:44 -0700
>This is my understanding as well.  Not sure why one would use any
>heavier than 30 weight in these cars under normal operating conditions.
>I'm going to continue to use 0-30 synthetic all year round.  Hope
>everyone had a good holiday season.  We drove our S4 from Wyoming to
>western Maryland and back.  The more I drive it the more I love it.
>John M. Harrison  silver 2001 S4 Avant 6 spd 19,000 miles
>no mechanical difficulties, I just tend to hit deer and debris - got
>by a chunk of wood not three hours out of Laramie which broke the
>cover at the lower grill and the plastic under cover piece.  Only $1000
>plus change this time.  I've become good friends with my local body
>and the State Farm Insurance claims folks.
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>Subject: Re: [BiturboS4] Question re: 0W30 vs 5W50, both synthetic
>actually, you use heavier oil in the summer not winter.  in winter you
>need ligher oil for cold starts.  I've never heard of anyone using 5w50
>weight in winter!  Unless you live where it's warm like california
>Walter J Green Jr wrote:
> > it's ok, as in just ok.
> >
> > as soon as warm weather comes around, I'd dump it in favor of some
> > 0w30 or
> > 0w40 (mobil 1 synthetic, of course).
> >
> > __________
> > WJG
> > '01 S4
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> >> Subject: [BiturboS4] Question re: 0W30 vs 5W50, both synthetic
> >> Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 10:07:27 -0500
> >>
> >> Hello all,
> >>
> >> This week, dropped my 2002 S4 off for an oil change, asking for
> >> Syn 0W30. Picked it up and the guy informed me they used Castol Syn
> >> because "that is the winter equivalent."
> >> Any thoughts as to the validity of this statement?
> >> Any links to seasonal oil choices?
> >>
> >> Thanks.
> >>
> >> - Jim
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