[BiturboS4] Question re: 0W30 vs 5W50, both synthetic

Ian McCloghrie ian at codrus.com
Thu Jan 9 10:36:26 EST 2003

On Jan 9, 2003 "S Stiles" wrote:
> meets all of the specifications (not just weight) in our owners manual. I
> believe it's the SJ spec that the new Mobil1 doesn't meet.

The data sheet on www.mobil1.com says it meets SL.  My understanding
is that the API specs are supersets of each other -- that is, anything
that meets SL meets SA through SK as well.

> I'll dig up the article when I get a chance.

I'd be curious to see it.

> The oil everyone seems to be recommending at the moment, if you can find it,
> is Mobil1 0w40, as it's still a "true" synthetic & meets all euro spec.
> What's happening with their other oils is that they are starting to blend
> w/Dino to decrease costs. Yes, you can no longer trust that Mobil1 is a full
> synthetic oil.

Again, the data sheet on Mobil1's web site says that all Mobil1 is
full synthetic.  The "trisynthetic" "supersyn" stuff is just marketing
BS.  FYI, the data sheet is at


Mobil1 0w40 is the only Mobil1 oil that's certified as meeting the
latest European standards (ACEA A3/B3/B4-02, according to their data
sheet).  I don't know if this is because the other Mobil1s don't meet
those standards, or simply haven't been tested to see if they meet
them (certification to a standard is an expensive process, and
manufacturers often don't bother if it's not one that fits with their
primary intended market).

If you're worried about meeting the exact specifications in the
owner's manual, though, you shouldn't run Mobil1 0w40, because 0w40 is
not listed as an allowed weight (at least it isn't in the manual for
my '01).  I run Redline 5w30 -- an allowed weight, and it's certified
to meet all of the standards listed in my owner's manual.

As for finding 0w40, if you really want it, there are links to online
vendors of it at www.mobil1.com.


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