[BiturboS4] Question re: 0W30 vs 5W50, both synthetic

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Another consideration for using synthetic oils with turbos is that there
isn't the tendency for the oil to coke, as there is with dino oils.  This
shouldn't be a problem as long as there is a sufficient cool-down period,
but the added protection gives a little added peace of mind.

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> you guys must have $$$ to burn.  if you change your oil every 3K miles
> you wont have any trouble.  paying close to $9 a quart for oil is
> rediculous.  my truck has 197,000 miles on it and i use regular cheapo
> oil in it.  my race cars use 20w50 racing oil (castrol syntec) and it's
> even expesive to me.  how do you justify spending so much for oil?  I'm
> not trying to start an oil war or anything I jsut have a lot of miles
> and a lot of racing and engine building experience and I have never
> known what is better about amsoil.
> thanks!
> Mike

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