[BiturboS4] temp front plate mount

Rich Shiba rich at pdi.com
Mon Jan 13 15:53:30 EST 2003

I finally got around to taking care of the fix-it ticket i got for not
having a front plate.  For those of you who don't wanna permanently
afix a plate, check this out.

Turned out to be pretty easy, thought i'd share. I dug up the audi front
plate bracket that came with the car.  Turns out the bumper is already
tapped for this thing, under the euro plate cover.  So just pop off the
cover (firmly pull forward and downward from the lower edge) and screw
the bracket into the bumper with a couple screws and washers.  Couple
more screws to attach the plate to the bracket and it's ready to be
approved by your favorite officer.  Reverse the process to back to

The key to making this easy is knowing the threaded holes are already
in the bumper - even w/out the stock bracket, you could drill a generic
plate holder so it'd match to threaded holes...4 screws from home depot, etc.

Oh, btw, if anyone gets a no front plate ticket in SF,CA they don't make it
obvious that you have a "fix-it" option (for $10), but you do...bastards.
I know a couple people who just paid the $100 bail not knowing that...


 o Richard Shiba o PDI/DreamWorks o Redwood City, CA o rich at pdi.com o

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