[BiturboS4] Anyone have Abt chip?

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Actually just the opposite.

You'll get flamed for not posting the information that backs up your

I've been following this subject for at least two years and many polls,
graphs, charts and flaming tuner posts later I have formed my own
I'll buy from a company that has a long reputation and race background
to back up their merchandise.

I'll let you guess which companies fit the category of "been around the

Greg Lund

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"Abt and MTM also have much lower instances of blowing the Stock

I'm hoping you really don't believe that statement.  All chipped S4 will
have a higher rate of turbo failure than stock.  I've had an MTM chip on
my 2000 and the both turbo's failed at 44,000 miles.  I had put about
30,000 on that chip.  Every precaution was taken to prevent the failure.
I changed oil every 5000 miles with synthetic of course.  I also had a
turbo timer for proper cool down.  It was a big shock to me that the
failed, since they never made any noise at all.  Running higher boost is
not the killer of our turbo's.  It's the quick spool up along with
inadequate oiling that kills them.

I've ridden besides an ABT chipped car a full tank of 100 octane against
my friends car with X chip and 93 octane.  Neither car pulled on the
other in any of the higher gears.  Can't say it was scientific test but
it made me wonder about the adapting ability of the ABT chip.

I've done some dyno testing on the X chip, Upsolute and APR chip.  It is
to bad I can't post the info since I would just get flamed and open a
big can of worms...


Tuan Nguyen

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