[BiturboS4] Recommendation for a chip

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Thu Jan 16 02:15:10 EST 2003

Hi Ronald,

Did u dyno your car after installing the OCT chip?
Also have u modified the exhaust?
Were u using gasoline with an octane rating above 94?
What was the torque?
314 HP seems to be a little on the high range for an S4 that is stock -
except for new chips. MTM, APR, and GIAC only claim 310 HP at best.I've
installed the Stratmosphere Hyper boost DVs - so far - no complaints - might
consider the OCT chips - if they really kick out 314 HP.


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> 1/15/03
> Friends:
> I have used with great success -- the chip from
> "Stratmosphere" in upstate NY.  For $795 (even less than I
> paid some months ago) my 2001 S4 Avant went to 314
> horsepower and superb realignment of torque across the
> entire range.  Check out their site, Bob or Pete.  Good
> people!
> Ronald S. Ross
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