[BiturboS4] Aftermarket BPV, are they worth it?

Kjos' fastwheels3 at attbi.com
Sun Jan 19 12:02:29 EST 2003

Adam & Group,

I bought the Bosch BPVs from Hoppen when I bought the MTM chip and the
Y-Hose. I don't recall the Part No. but they only offered one model at that

John Kjos

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> Good point John!
> Which aftermarket Bosch BPV did you go with?
> I read the posts on s4biturbo.com about the Bosch vs Forge and the Bosch
> 110/114
> I think I will probably go with the Bosch, they are supposed to be a bit
> faster in opening and closing.
> Where did you get yours?
> thanks
> Adam

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