[BiturboS4] Aftermarket BPV, are they worth it?

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I wouldn't worry about the diverter valves when doing most normal service, but
if I ever have a turbo-related problem I will definitely not take a chance
(I'll swap back the stock diverter valves...it only takes like 20 minutes).  I
don't want them saying, "You need two new K03s but, unfortunately, we can't
cover it under warranty because you have aftermarket diverter valves."

In the end, I think it comes down to the stealership.
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>From: "Tuan Nguyen"
>Subject: RE: [BiturboS4] Aftermarket BPV, are they worth it?
>Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 11:41:32 -0600
>I've had issues with the dealer on aftermarket valves. For some funny
>reason they believe the Bosch ones are better and should stay in our
>cars, even though they had to replace many in the S4 and Tot's. This is
>from my dealer. Every dealer will argue differently, depending on the
>knowledge of the service department.
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>Nicholas Mistry writes:
> > Does installing new boost valves and/or TBB void any part of our
> > Or does it fall under the audi typical: "It only voids your warranty
> > something craps out due to the aftermarket part"
>I think this would depend on how anal-retentive the dealer service dept
>Some dealers are pretty cool, while others are downright nasty.
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