[BiturboS4] Greetings and looking for TSB's

jy jysap at cs.com
Thu Jan 23 18:03:09 EST 2003

Recalls (Both silent & communicated recalls from Audi USA)

TBB (throttle body boot) - silent -dealer will replace if u complain about
sluggish acceleration

Engine Cooling Fan Shield - communicated - via letter from Audi USA

Valve Cam Seals/Gaskets - silent - dealers will communicate on a spot
basis - usually during a maintenance check

Turbos - silent -dealer will replace if car is not chpped

00 S4
86 951

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> Greetings Mike
> "Pretty significant technical issues..."  What might these be?  I'm not
> aware of any.  Recalls - I have not received any recall notices of any
> kind from Audi for my Mar 2001 date of mfr S4 Avant.  What recalls are
> you referring to?  TSBs?  These might be interesting.
> 2001 silver S4 Avant with 20,000 miles, stock, no problems whatsoever
> that are not related to hitting deer or flying hunks of wood except a
> coolant temperature sensor that went intermittent.  Dealer replaced
> without question under warranty.
> John M. Harrison
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> Subject: [BiturboS4] Greetings and looking for TSB's
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> Greetings
> I am new to the biturboS4 list but a long time member of the Quattro and
> Urq lists. Sadly I just sold my 84Urq (awesome car) and my first Audi,
> 90q20v, is also on the auction bock. Before I purchased my S4Avant new,
> I owned a A430vAvant for a few years, as well. I have been off both for
> a while so please excuse me for asking about something already covered.
> Enough about me, on to the questions. In looking through the archives
> briefly I see there are some pretty significant technical issues with
> 2.7t motor, as well as, other problems that are covered either under
> warranty or via recall. I guess it would be a good idea to get all the
> TSB's for the S4. Can anyone point me in the direction of a resource for
> all the TSB's and recalls it need to be aware of.
> Thanks
> Michael Benno
> S4Avant
> 90q20v (for sale)
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