[BiturboS4] Any subscribers from UK?

Keith Mizen keithmizen at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 24 09:55:15 EST 2003

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If so, could anyone help with the following (posted to the UK S Cars list
yesterday - with little result, so far). Also, any advice on the final two
questions would be helpful as well.


Hi there,

Last October I became the proud owner of a Quartz grey S4 =96 and very love=
ly it
is too.

However, now it needs a service =96 and seeing how well the last owner cher=
it, I=92m keen to get it done properly.  To that end =96 could anyone recom=
mend a
good audi dealer for an S4 service in any of the following areas:

Berkshire (anywhere near Maidenhead)


South London (nearer Tooting the better).

Fountain for Audi are only 20 mins down the road from where I=92m working a=
t the
moment =96 they seem to specialise in S cars. Anybody used them for a servi=

Couple more questions:

I=92ve always had difficultly getting a smooth gear change from 1st to 2nd =
=96 I
always get a =91lurch=92 unless taking it very steady. Dos this suggest a n=
clutch is needed? Or could a clever bloke with a spanner just set it up
At the back of most car mags there=92s an ad for a tuner somewhere Birmingh=
that offers (amongst other things) =93Blisten lowered springs=94 which prom=
ises to
cure vague steering. Would anybody recommend these?

Thanks for any help =96 and if you ever see S842 SBE on the roads, gis a wa=


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