[BiturboS4] Hi to everybody

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Fri Jan 24 12:18:23 EST 2003


I have been owner of older (C4) highly tuned S4/S6 for few years and regular
reader of s-cars-list. My car is getting older as very high tuned (from 230
to 380 HP) it's not what you would call everyday drive. So I decided that I
need another car for everyday driving. Luckily one member of Finnish Audi
Club knew just perfect car for me. So I went and bought me nice A6 2.8
quattro with almost all extra equipment (navigation is missing).

But hey, why I'm then writing to biturbo list? Now comes the best part:
Orginal motor was damaged and local "mtm-dealer" has replaced it with
biturbo 2.7 from S4 (yes, with S4 biturbo, not A6's biturbo) Gearbox and the
whole drive is also from S4. Motor has also mild mtm tune approx. 330hp.

So I hope that you'll bare me in the list even I only have half-S4-car :o)

Best regards,
  Miikka Salonen, Finland
  '99 A6/S4 biturbo mtm
  '92 urS4 mtm

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