[BiturboS4] Greetings and looking for TSB's

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Jan 24 12:40:34 EST 2003

John M. Harrison writes:
> Any recent news on the RS6 sedans?  Anyone seen one for sale on a dealer
> lot?  The Audi USA website doesn't say much about them except that they
> are limited availability.  I suppose if you have to ask you can't afford
> it.  Still - a second mortgage on the house might do the trick :)

There will be so few RS6s imported to the U.S. that you'll not likely
see one just sitting there on a dealer's lot unspoken for... (The
number I've heard is is something around nine hundred units).
I am quite sure you will have to special-order one (that is, if a
particular dealer even gets an allocation of RS6s at all).

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