[BiturboS4] Hi to everybody

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Sat Jan 25 10:01:50 EST 2003

>From: biturbos4-admin at audifans.com
>[mailto:biturbos4-admin at audifans.com]On Behalf Of Marc A. Abernethy
>Actually that sounds like fun.  An A6 with 330 hp!  I bet nobody expects
>coming.  I love stealth.

And I forgot to mention that it's Avant :o) But about the horse power, here
in Finland Audi's are seen as a performance cars. Probably due to finnish
rally drivers winning world championship with audi in mid 80's. Of course
cars that are not showing it may suprise people, but I'll have better brakes
installed to it in summer and I do have quite noisy exhaust. Depending on my
schedule to create performance beast from Coupe Quattro to Sport Quattro
look-a-like, I may be happy with the power (that'll keep my power hunger in
control:o) but I have already talked with LMS Racing about RS4 engine
conversion. They have done that at least to one S4 and one A6 and MTM chip
to that...that must be poor man's RS6 .

Well, already talking about my car and don't yet have it. Tomorrow is the
d-day :o)


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