[BiturboS4] Manual in electric form

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Mon Jan 27 00:32:53 EST 2003

Hi all

I got the car today, but unfortunaly it had only Finnish manual with it and
it was older model (C4) manual cos in late '98 they had't translated newer
one yet. I think that S4 has same seats and radio, so if someone could scan
and email me those pages, I would be more than happy.

About the car. It's really nice. Performance is quite good. Not impressive
if you compare it to my urS4, but compared to any other car I have driven,
it's awesome. And power is comming in low end too. Not like with my urS4
(hit the foor, wait, get some boost, wait till revs are more than 3500, get
horse kick, fly)


A6 Avant with 2.7 TT MTM from S4
urS4 MTM

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