[BiturboS4] S4 vs A6 2.7T

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Mon Jan 27 17:01:21 EST 2003

>Is there any difference between the S4 motor and the 2.7T available in the

Well, basic engine is the same but there seems to be some differences in
them. Of course there are different program in it, euro S4 has 265 hp and
orginal 2.7TT had 230 later ones 250. But if you compare different MTM
packaged to both engine, S4's has litle bit better torque and it's gained
more easy. On the other hand, it's reported that A6 has faster response. I
would say that there must be some difference in the exhaust/intake manifold
(and exhaust pipes)


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