[BiturboS4] Bilstein coil over.

David goodson at menta.net
Tue Jan 28 21:49:20 EST 2003

I use my S4 on track once in a while, and one of my major problems is the
suspension, too soft for a good handling. I don't want to lower the car to
much (10mm. max) because it's my everyday car. Here in Spain, the most
common suspension upgrades are Bilstein, or Eibach. I was thinking on a
Bilstein coil over kit, maybe the "sport" model, witch is not too radical,
and keep the original springs. Problem : everyone here sells Bilstein for
the A4, but the S4 doesn't appear in the product list they have. Since the
S4 is something like 20 mm. lower than the A4, I don't think the Bilstein A4
coil over would work nicely on the S4. Is there a specific model for the S4
(mine is Avant)? If someone has it, I would be very interested in the exact
reference number of the part.
1999 S4 Avant ABT
Barcelona - Spain.

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