[BiturboS4] morals and ethics...

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Wed Jan 29 19:49:23 EST 2003

BUT Walter, if you had to bend your ethical posture just a little bit
because the devil made you do it, wouldn't a stealership get your vote for
attention? As a lot, the have earned their deserved group reputation.

I remember when a certain unnamed Santa Monica Porsche/Audi dealer would buy
rusted out Porsches, replace the rotted floor panels, hide the rest of the
rust under fresh paint, and sell them as "mint". Lucky for me I knew who was
doing some of the work. And guess what? Twenty plus years later the same
dealer is still in business. What goes around comes around.

John Kjos

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> >of the beholder.  So much for having an edcuated discussion about how to
> >maximize the performance of your car while incurring the least cost :)
> >
> nah. your sentence above should have read "so much for have an educated
> discussion about how to steal from someone".
> sorry dude. A "sorry you guys are/were right" response may have saved you.
> Not excuses, originated from some sense of entitlement to rip off a
> another vicitm of public education.
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