[BiturboS4] morals and ethics...

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I realize this was aimed at Wally, but I had to chime in. You're not
screwing the dealer, the costs are passed along to Audi. These high costs
are affecting future product design decisions.

Why didn't Audi put a 3.0l TT in the B6 S4? Hmmm, makes you think.

You're also affecting the service all S4 owners are receiving. Stock S4
owners are being scrutinized like never before (around warranty work)
because of all of the fraudulent claims being made.

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>BUT Walter, if you had to bend your ethical posture just a little bit
>because the devil made you do it, wouldn't a stealership get your vote for
>attention? As a lot, the have earned their deserved group reputation.
>I remember when a certain unnamed Santa Monica Porsche/Audi dealer would
>rusted out Porsches, replace the rotted floor panels, hide the rest of the
>rust under fresh paint, and sell them as "mint". Lucky for me I knew who
>doing some of the work. And guess what? Twenty plus years later the same
>dealer is still in business. What goes around comes around.
>John Kjos
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> > >of the beholder.  So much for having an edcuated discussion about how
> > >maximize the performance of your car while incurring the least cost :)
> > >
> >
> > nah. your sentence above should have read "so much for have an educated
> > discussion about how to steal from someone".
> >
> > sorry dude. A "sorry you guys are/were right" response may have saved
> > Not excuses, originated from some sense of entitlement to rip off a
> >
> > another vicitm of public education.
> >
> > WJG
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