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John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Wed Jan 29 16:00:06 EST 2003

Very interesting, all these different views on the ethics of modding and
then seeking warranty coverage for related factory part failures.  I
simply think that problems are more likely to occur with modifications
and related parts/systems than with a stock vehicle.  But then the stock
S4 provides more than sufficient performance for my needs.  For those of
you who want to modify and can afford to do so, more power to you.  But
don't be suprised if Audi doesn't want to honor their warranty on
mod-affected systems.  I hope they catch you "red-handed" if you try to
get over on them in this way.

Ask yourself if you were the Audi dealership and you were presented with
an obviously chipped car with blown turbos, would you want to pay for
the tens of thousands of dollars worth of work to fix it?  I doubt it.
Those who have chipped their cars should look to the chip manufacturers
for satisfaction when their turbos fail.  Where are the complete engine
replacement warranties from the aftermarket chippers?  I've not heard of
any warranty offered on any aftermarket performance mods.  Perhaps some
exist.  Certainly this is a question I would ask about any sort of mod.

I might be tempted by mods aimed at replacing problematic factory parts
with more reliable ones - perhaps the APR bi-pipes and some better
divertor valves, for example.  I will ask my dealer how they would feel
about these particular items vis-a-vis warranty coverage of related
parts.  What sort of warranty if any does APR offer on their mods?

Not a republican here, John, but also not much of a fan of "situational"
or "adjustable" ethics.  I just prefer to deal in a friendly,
straight-forward, communicative manner and ask these tough questions up
front rather than get in a big fight later.  To that end I have emailed
APR asking about warranty coverage for their mods if any.  I have asked
them to respond to the list since this seems to be of interest to most
of us.

Per Carter's later post - I was not aware that modification of S-cars
was the only or even the primary purpose of this list.  If so, I guess I
should butt out.  Perhaps the list moderator can advise on suitable

Anyway, no hard feelings intended, just one owner's point of view.  John
M. Harrison

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My sentiment exactly... oh, btw, more than a chuckle for me..
lol.  republicans??  just a guess.. '-)

--- California Fields <cfields72 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> You guys crack me up.  Well, I suppose that morals and ethics
> are in the eyes
> of the beholder.  So much for having an edcuated discussion
> about how to
> maximize the performance of your car while incurring the least
> cost :)
> Cheers, Carter.
> P.S. Make sure you all drive the speed limit now.  We wouldn't
> want to be
> promoting such illegal or unethical (or, arguably the most
> dangerous) conduct
> on such a civilized newsgroup!
> No flames please - I'm just disappointed (with a chuckle).
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