[BiturboS4] S4 without a turbo? (was.. something else)

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Thu Jan 30 17:53:24 EST 2003

At first i also had a bit of scepticism about a NA S class car from audi.
I also had the same feeling when audi departed from their 5-cyl turbo

But the one thing that warms my hart is this:  after the tuners get ahold
of this car, we wont have anything to complain about.  A Chipped NA V8
344hp (stock) enginine sounds very apealing to msyelf.   Add exhaust, and
other goodies and im quite sure this car will pull close to 400hp.  Im
also sure there will be some kind of turbo/supercharger upgrade for the

Now that is something worth trading in my 2001.5 S4 in for!

I am very excited to see how the first production year of this car turns
out.    By 2005 model i will be out of my warranty, and looking to
possibly switch to this.  Lets all hope she does well!


> --- California Fields <cfields72 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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>> Oh, and we're really at a loss here with a 344hp
>> (stock) car that weighs no
>> more than the previous model and has a stiffer body
>> and better
>> tires/suspension (read sarcasm).  Looks to me like
>> Audi took a step forward.
>> It will be just harder (or more expensive to modify
>> now, that's all).
> I'm warming up to the idea of an NA V8 S4.  While
> I come from the school that an Audi should have
> AWD and at least one turbo (so much so that I spent
> a wad putting a turbo motor into the '91 coupe), there
> really is a drivability difference without a turbo.
> While the 2.7T is a huge improvement from the older
> K24/K26 turbo engines, it still obviously has a
> turbo- a little lag and that shudder when you release
> the throttle.  The V8 would be smooth smooth smooth.
> And a 344HP V8 Avant is sortof full circle for those
> like me that got lugged around as a kid in old
> Detroit wagons.  So I dunno...
> Matt Rooke
> '91cq- 20v turbo
> '00S4- stock
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