[BiturboS4] ESP, headlights, electrical stuff

Step88 step88 at kc.rr.com
Thu Jan 30 16:58:17 EST 2003

I had both a '69 Fiat 850 and a '72 Triumph GT6, and the electrics in the
Fiat were worse by far.  I quickly became accustomed to parking on hills so
I could start it under compression, not an easy thing to do living in

Bob Stephenson
2000 S4

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> Perhaps the late 60s FIAT 128 sport coupe rivaled even the British
> Leyland cars of the time for electrical problems.  My dad had one.  The
> dealer replaced the entire wiring harness at one point.  It wasn't too
> many more years before FIAT pulled out of the US market.  Dad also owned
> an Audi 100 sedan in the 70's.  It had some problems, but I don't recall
> any electrical issues.

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